ATTENTION: Recruiters, HR specialists, sales managers, and IT consultants
Are You Missing Out On Commissions And Bonuses Because You Don't Understand IT Terminology And Have A Hard Time Filling IT Positions?
But if you've never worked in IT before, how can YOU know ANYTHING about IT?

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Do you feel confused from all those IT terms software developers put on their profiles and CVs?
  • Do you hesitate meeting with developers face-to-face because you don't know what to ask?
  • Are you concerned about your low response rate on LinkedIn?
  • Are you frustrated in a meeting with a hiring manager when you don't know what to ask about a vacancy?
  • ​Do you feel awkward on a call with a developer when you have no clue what is s/he talking about? 🤓
  • ​Do you find it hard to source, recruit, screen and interview IT positions? Software developers? Cloud or DevOps roles?
  • ​Would you like to learn the IT terms hiring managers use so that you can be a little more helpful next time they tell you about a vacancy in their IT team?
No worries!
We work with recruiters from great companies such as these below who felt exactly the same before they enrolled in our courses...
We've got your back, too, just keep reading... 👀

Our Alumni Report

...that after they went through our training programs...
  • They don't feel overwhelmed by all the technical terms and acronyms anymore... Because they have clear mind maps on their desks.
  • They don't hesitate meeting a developer face-to-face again... Because they have several topics at hand to talk about thanks to our Small-talk scripts.
  • They don't go through LinkedIn profiles cluelessly wondering what do all those technical terms mean... Because they have a solid technical understanding thanks to the IT Fundamentals certification program.
  • They don't just blindly copy-paste a job description to a job board... Because they know what questions to ask the hiring manager. And they now have the confidence to ask!
  • They don't feel awkward when a candidate asks about the role or technical stack... Because they are now able to describe the technical stack and stuff that matters most to the IT people!
They source, recruit, and fill in more IT vacancies than their peers.
They earn more 💰💰 in commission or bonuses.

We Help You Get To A Point Where...

  • You can analyze a job description, categorize and identify what is missing,
  • you know what to ask a hiring manager to fill in the gaps,
  • you ​understand the technologies, languages and frameworks related to software development, DevOps, networking, cybersecurity, Data and BI,
  • and you can write attractive job ads and teasers to attract passive candidates on social media.
  • Know how to source and approach IT candidates,
  • know how to screen and assess the candidates,
  • be able to make a meaningful small-talk with IT candidates to demonstrate your expertise,
  • ​be able to pre-interview the candidate so that you are more helpful to a hiring manager,
  • ​and eventually recommend if and why is the candidate a good fit.

If You Are An Independent Recruiter...

...or an HR specialist recruiting internally, we've prepared for you a set of ebooks, mind maps, checklists, videos, and guides.
"IT Recruiter Toolkit"
"IT Recruiter Toolkit"
Your Secret Tools To Help You Gain Competitive Advantage On The Crowded IT Recruitment Market.
Are you transitioning from non-tech recruitment? Great fit!
Do you want to recruit IT positions on-the-side? Great fit! ⚡️
Are you starting a new agency in IT recruitment? Great fit! 👍
Do you need to insource recruitment internally? Great fit! 👌
Are you frequently in touch with IT candidates? Great fit! 💪

This Toolkit Will Help You Like Many Other HR managers, TA specialists, And Recruiters

  • Transition from non-tech recruitment to IT recruitment
  • Get certified in IT recruitment (IT fundamentals for recruiters)
  • ​Onboard new joiners with a well-structured training program
  • ​Understand the IT terminology to speak with candidates and hiring managers with confidence

This Will Be Inside Your Toolkit

  • ​Downloadable PDF Materials (mind maps, worksheets, ebooks)
  • Video Courses (i.e. "Sourcing On GitHub")
  • Webinar Replays (i.e. "Recruitment case study")
  • Training Programs (i.e. "Modern IT Recruitment")
  • Certification Programs (i.e. "IT Fundamentals For Recruiters")
  • IT Sourcing Skill Training
  • IT Interviewing Skill Training
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If you like what you see...

Activate Your Toolkit

It's Gonna Be Your safe place to learn about IT roles and technologies... so you can recruit and match IT candidates with confidence!
Choose one of the modules you'd like to start with. You can upgrade later, too.

All-inclusive Premium Access

Become a Premium member of the Geek Recruiters community and get access to all current and future training materials, courses, and programs inside the IT Recruiter Toolkit.
  • Modern IT Recruitment – available, included
  • ​Level 1 – available, included
  • ​Level 2 – available, included
  • ​Level 3 – available, included
  • ​Level 4 – work in progress, will be included in 2020*
  • ​Level 5 – work in progress, will be included in 2020*
  • Confidence Infusion – available, included
  • ​Future training materials will be included, too
* Levels 4 and 5 will be included with no additional charge if you activate the membership now.
Total Value €1,999
Get it now for this special price which is only available before we finish all the modules (Level 4 and 5).

FREE Trial Account

Create your account free of charge right now... and activate your training modules later.

Activate Your Toolkit choosing one of the modules above.

HR Specialists We've Trained Work For These Amazing Companies

Great Fit For: Independent recruiters, corporate HR specialists, talent acquisition specialists, recruitment agency owners.

What Recruiters And Their Managers Say:

"It's fantastic that I found you! I learned a lot about how to recruit in IT. It's pleasure to learn about the new technologies, frameworks, and libraries software developers use."
–Brains Consulting
"This has been an amazing help. Now I read IT resumes with fascination and when I speak to technical people, I am not afraid and only interested."
–Alexander Laurin, Recruiter
"Very nice content for those starting their tech recruitment career journey!"
—Alan Pozo, Global Tech Recruiter
"Recently I adopted a new way of writing Job Ads as Michal suggested, I got an amazing result!"
—YuYie Klinkaew, Technical Recruitment Specialist
"The IT Fundamentals was a great course. The team is satisfied."
—Manpower Croatia, Recruitment Manager
"Very helpful, I love that someone is finally explaining IT from a recruiter's point of view! It like the analogies with real-life situations, it makes it very easy to comprehend for us non-developers as well."
—Frida, Recruiter
"I finally have a well-structured onboarding program for my colleagues. I was looking for ways how to get them up to speed, tried a few alternatives but this is the best value for money."
—Experis, Recruitment Team Lead
"I bought Tech Sourcing Materials and they were really helpful. They helped me structure my current knowledge and provided me with an opportunity to learn more about technologies/ frameworks I was not aware of. I Really recommend!"
—Karolina Wonchala, Recruitment Business Partner
"I love how the training was concise, clear and simple. Great Job. Great insights to help me manage developers and network engineers."
—Richard Obi, Head Of Outsourcing Services
"Really helpful for even seasoned tech recruiters!"
—Angie Xie, Senior TA Executive (Sony)
"I am satisfied with the quality of the IT Fundamentals course."
—Pamela Kaneva, IT Recruiter
"We needed a repository of materials suited for knowledge update of newcoming people. This Toolkit allows the new recruiters quickly catch up with the others."
—Pawel Zdziech, Recruitment Manager
"These courses are a 100% must-have for those who start their careers in IT recruiting."
—Oleg Voskryvko, IT Recruiter
"The IT Fundamentals are easy to understand, I'm happy so far!"
—Bianca Ursu, Technical Sourcer
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